Question: Does Jessica McNamee have a sister?

Does Penny McNamee have a sister?

Jessica McNamee Penny McNamee/Sisters

Do Sammy and Nathan get back together in packed to the rafters?

Nathan and Sammy are back together and Edward (named after Ted, his grandfather) will remain in his custody after his ex said shes happy for the baby to be with him, as long as she gets to see him from time to time. Rachel and Jake got engaged.

How old is Rebecca Gibney?

56 years (December 14, 1964) Rebecca Gibney/Age

Does Rachel leave packed to the rafters?

Packed to the Rafters star Jessica Marais has left the popular series to try her luck in Hollywood. Marais character Rachel Rafter will remain in Australian screens until June before the storyline explains her departure. ...

Do Nathan and Sammy get divorced?

Rachel, the eldest Rafter child, struggles to find balance between her high-flying new job and her relationship with Jake; Ben, recently and blissfully married to Melissa, is trying for kids until a heartbreaking accident shatters his world; and Nathan is agonisingly estranged and ultimately divorced from his wife ...

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