Question: Is it safe to use HelloTalk?

HelloTalk has strict rules about what information can be posted or exchanged between partners and groups. Theyre dedicated to keeping it a learning environment and not a dating app. This makes it safe for users of any age.

Is HelloTalk is a good app?

HelloTalk works best as an instant messaging app when you give it a little time, wait a few days for the right people to find you or allow for a bit of trial and error. After all, language practice is a regular activity. My biggest suggestion to make this app even better would be to add some learning features.

How do native English speakers communicate?

7 more ways native speakers can effectively communicate internationallyLearn to accommodate and adapt to different ways of communicating. Ask for clarification. Paraphrase and summarise what youve said. Avoid too many cultural references. Use humour carefully.

Does HelloTalk make you fluent?

When you sign up to use HelloTalk, you enter the languages you currently speak, plus whatever language (or languages, if youre paying) you intend to practice in the app. You can also add your estimated level of fluency. Rather, its an app for practicing language by interacting with other people.

Why cant I delete my HelloTalk account?

On the HelloTalk app, tap on Me in the right side corner. On the profile page, scroll down to go to Settings. Under Settings, go to Account. There you will find the Delete Account option, tap on it to close your account.

Where can I speak to native English speakers?

Top 13 Places to Find an English Speaking Partner OnlineVerbling.Creativa.The Fluent in 3 Months Forum.Wyzant.Conversation Exchange.Toastmasters.Go Speaky.Busuu.

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