Question: What is the dictionary definition of corpulence?

bulkiness or largeness of body; fatness; portliness. Also cor·pu·len·cy [kawr-pyuh-luhn-see] /ˈkɔr pyə lən si/ .

What does the word corpulence?

: having a large bulky body : obese. Other Words from corpulent.

How do you use corpulence in a sentence?

Corpulence in a Sentence 🔉Because of her corpulence, the heavyset woman was the joke of many fat jokes.The doctor warned his patient that her corpulence could be life-threatening and urged her to try and lose weight.

What does it mean to be corporeal?

1 : having, consisting of, or relating to a physical material body: such as. a : not spiritual … some few traces of a diviner nature which look out through his corporeal baseness …— Robert Browning.

Is corpulent an insult?

Corpulent. Another way of calling someone fat without them realising? Although be careful with royalty: they are well versed in the slightly more obscure insults. Leigh Hunt was arrested, imprisoned and suffered all the usual fates that prisoners do for calling the Prince Regent “corpulent” in 1812.

What is the difference between corporal and corporeal?

Corporeal Corporeal describes what is bodily or physical, rather than what is not. Corporal is most often seen in the phrase corporal punishment, which refers to physical punishment, like a spanking, as opposed to nonphysical punishment, like a fine or loss of a privilege.

What is corporeal law?

Corporeal property is the right of ownership in material things. Incorporeal property also called as intellectual or conventional property. it includes all those valuable interests which are protected by law. 2. Corporeal property is always visible and tangible.

What does Edact mean?

EDACTAcronymDefinitionEDACTEastern Drug and Alcohol Coordination Team

What is the definition of stoutness?

a : brave, bold. b : firm, determined also : obstinate, uncompromising. 2 : physically or materially strong: a : sturdy, vigorous. b : staunch, enduring.

Is a corporal a high rank?

A corporal is expected to fill a leadership role and has a higher rank than a specialist, even though both receive E-4 pay.

What does corporal mean in religion?

The adjective corporal today usually appears in the phrase corporal punishment, which means bodily punishment. Corporal is occasionally used in other ways; in the traditional church, the corporal works of mercy include seven helpful acts such as sheltering the homeless and burying the dead.

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