Question: How many villages are there in Ezinihitte mbaise?

How many villages are in Ezinihitte Mbaise?

Oboama is made up eleven Villages Namely: Umuekwere, Umuohii, Umuatum (making up Amato), Umuogwogwo, Umuosehi, Umuodoko, Umuozuzu, Ogbor (making up Umuasha), Nru, Umunehi and Umualika (making Up Umueze). The current traditional ruler of Oboama Ezinihitte Mbaise is Eze Juluis Amaefule.

How many villages are in Mbaise?

Its headquarters is in the town of Aboh. It has an area of 184 km2 and a population of 194,779 at the 2006 census....Aboh MbaiseTown & VillagesNguru, (Nguru-Ahiato, Nguru-Nweke, Nguru-Nwankwo,) Okwuato, Enyiogugu, Lorji, Amuzu, Mbutu, Uvuru.Area• Total184 km2 (71 sq mi)11 more rows

How many local govt are in Bayelsa State?

eight local government areas Bayelsa State consists of eight local government areas: Brass. Ekeremor.

What is the population of Mbaise?

PopulationNameStatusPopulation Census 2006-03-21Ahiazu-MbaiseLocal Government Area170,824Ahiazu-Mbaise 235,200 Population [2016] – Projection 99.59 km² Area 2,362/km² Population Density [2016] 3.3% Annual Population Change [2006 → 2016]NigeriaFederal Republic140,431,790

How many villages are in Ohaji Egbema?

The Ohaji-Egbema local Government it has seventeen (17) autonomous communities namely: Egbema, Umuagwo, Oloshi, Umunkwaku, Obile, Obitti, Mgbirichi/Alakuru, Opuoma,Assa, Awarra, Ikwerede, Umuokanne, Obiakpu, Ohaba, Obosima, Mmahu, Obuomadike. The postal code of the area is 464.

Which zone is Ngor Okpala?

Ngor Okpala is a Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria. Its headquarters is in the town of Umuneke Ngor. It has an area of 561 km²; it has a population of 159,932 at the 2006 census. It is a notable place in Imo state because of the LGAs locational position....Ngor OkpalaStateImo StateTime zoneUTC+1 (WAT)2 more rows

How old is Imo state?

Imo State was created on 17 March 1976 from part of East Central State.

Is Bayelsa an Igbo?

Bayelsa State is a state in southern Nigeria in the core Niger Delta region, between Delta State and Rivers State. Its capital is Yenagoa. The language spoken here is Ijaw language as well as Igbo Language in some localities like Ogbia area etc); however, like the rest of Nigeria, English is the official language.

What is beautiful in Ijaw?

Ijaw. Ebiere. A beautiful woman/ Good woman.

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