Question: Is Ronnie OSullivan rich?

How much money does Ronnie OSullivan make a year?

Recently snooker all time highest earning players details revealed, according to their data, Ronnie OSullivan before January 2020, earned $11.05 million. A source reported that, Ronnie OSullivan earn (£363,500) in all competition he competed during 2019-20 calendar.

What car does Ronnie OSullivan drive?

Unlike the other celebrities, Ronnie does not like the attention that he gets when driving around in a flashy car. He loves to drive the two-seater Audi R8 sports car.

What is the prize money for snooker 2021?

It was the 11th ranking event of the 2020–21 snooker season. Judd Trump was the defending champion, having defeated Yan Bingtao 10–4 in the 2020 final....2021 Players Championship (snooker)Tournament informationFormatRanking eventTotal prize fund£385,000Winners share£125,000Highest breakRonnie OSullivan ( ENG ) (144)10 more rows

How much do top snooker referees get paid?

Snooker Referees SalariesCategoryPer Match FeesSponsorship EarningsProfessional Referees$250$500 -$1,000Women Referees$200$500 -$1,000Entry-Level Referees$50N/A

Is snooker well paid?

The prize money for the tournaments also increased to boost the moral players. Some snooker player earn big money so far, which include highest break, runner-up and winners share. Ronnie OSullivan and Stephen Hendry leads the richest snooker players list.

Do all snooker players get paid?

The reality is though, that the money given is far below par when compared to other sports. Snooker players in the top 16 of the world can expect to earn about £250,000 a year on average. The highest earner of all time in snooker is Stephen Hendry. His total prize money over three decades has been just over £10m.

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