Question: Why does Hu Tao want to bury Qiqi?

This act of defiance against the cycle of life and death was unacceptable to Hu Tao. She wanted to bury Qiqi not only out of consideration for her friend but also to restore the natural order. She has started to remember places where she might hide to avoid being captured by Hu Tao.

Why does Qiqi not like Hu Tao?

For example, the reason Qiqi thinks Hu Tao is so punchable is because Hu Tao often tries to literally bury Qiqi. Remember, Qiqi is a zombie - and therefore dead - so it makes sense that our funeral director hero would try and bury Qiqis body for good, despite it quite clearly being undead.

Is Hu Tao any good Genshin?

Is Hu Tao a good character in Genshin Impact? Hu Tao is a solid character. She can act as a DPS for your team and provide ample damage. As far as base attack goes, she has one of the lowest in Genshin Impact.

Does Hu Tao need a healer?

Having a healer is crucial for Hu Taos survivability, allowing players to continuously use her elemental skill without the fear of dying. However, players have to keep in mind that overhealing means Hu Tao cant benefit from her second passive.

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