Question: Who is the oldest child on Blue Bloods?

In the episode Common Ground, 2017, Frank states that Joe was his firstborn and that he misses him every day. He also stated that the boys were 19 months apart and Erin was their younger sister. Therefore, Joe is the oldest, then Danny, Erin and Jamie is the youngest.

What is the age order of the Reagans on Blue Bloods?

As such, the order of Reagan children would be: Danny, Erin, Joe, and Jamie. In a few episodes Frank has stated (or believed to have stated) that Joe is the oldest. The latest version of this places Joe 19 months older than Danny.

Who is the oldest Reagan child on Blue Bloods?

Joe Other Fans Notice The Same Blue Bloods Continuity Error Another fan confirmed that Joe was the oldest son – at least, at the beginning of the show. “I think they had Joe as being the oldest at one point and then moved him to be the third child. My understanding is that the birth order is Danny, Erin, Joe and Jamie.”

How old is Henry Reagan supposed to be?

Age. 98 (est.)

Was Joe Reagan the oldest?

Joes age is one of the worst continuity errors of the show. His headstone clearly indicates that he was born in 1977, which would place him as the third Reagan child yet he has been called the oldest at least once.

What happened to Sergeant Renzulli on Blue Bloods?

Nick Turturro (Sergeant Anthony Renzulli) His character hasnt been killed off the show, so the possibility of Renzulli coming back for another episode in the later seasons isnt out of the question, but he hasnt made an appearance since Season 6.

Will Joe Hill be back on Blue Bloods?

Will Joe Hill return for season 12 of Blue Bloods? Joe Hill disappeared in season 11 because he was undercover, which led to the excellent finale, which reunited him in a major way with brothers Danny and Jamie, but he will not be a series regular.

Is the whiskey Real on Blue Bloods?

What scotch you may ask? Well, as the OP states in their post, the brand seen on the show is Finnertys Scotch. Turns out it is a completely fake brand.

What happened to Joe Reagan on Blue Bloods?

The corrupt cops were operating within a fraternal organization called the Blue Templar, and murdered Joe when his covert investigation was getting close to exposing names. Joes assailants attempt to kill Jamie by sabotaging the brakes in his car; however, this effort backfired.

How did they write Jackie out of Blue Bloods?

After telling the network that she was instructed by her doctor to work less hours, Jennifer alleged that CBS didnt take the request seriously. After collapsing on set as a result of her diagnosis, the now 46-year-old said she was placed on unpaid leave before being written off the show completely.

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