Question: Is Purley Surrey or London?

Purley is an area of the London Borough of Croydon in London, England. It was part of the county of Surrey until 1965. It is located south of the town of Croydon, and 11.7 miles (18.8 km) south of Charing Cross.

Is Purley classed as London?

In 1965 the county borough was abolished and the area was combined with Surreys Coulsdon and Purley Urban District to form the London Borough of Croydon. Before this, Coulsdon and Purley were being served by the Metropolitan Police rather then Surrey Police.

Does Croydon come under London or Surrey?

Croydon, outer borough of London, England, on the southern edge of the metropolis. It is in the historic county of Surrey. The present borough was established in 1965 by the amalgamation of the former county borough of Croydon and the adjacent district of Coulsdon and Purley.

Is sanderstead in London or Surrey?

Sanderstead /ˈsɑːndərstɛd/ is a village and medieval-founded church parish at the southern end of Croydon in south London, England, within the London Borough of Croydon and the historic county of Surrey.

Is Purley a rich area?

P urley is Britains most affluent suburb, with an average household income of £53,900, according to a new survey. Although Purley is more commonly associated with Reginald Perrin than jetsetting millionaires, it is home to a host of famous - and wealthy - residents. ...

What is Purley famous for?

Purley is famous for a reference in both the Marriage Guidance Counsellor, Nudge Nudge, and Kilimanjaro Expedition (mentioned in the film And Now for Something Completely Different) sketches by the Monty Python team.

Why are there no pubs in Sanderstead?

One of the more curious aspects of Sanderstead is that it has no pub, unlike nearby Warlingham which has around six. The reason for this is that some time ago, both the Atwood family (the Lords of the Manor) and the Rector of the church were against drinking.

Is Kenley London or Surrey?

Kenley is an area of south London, England, within the London Borough of Croydon. It is situated south of Purley, east of Coulsdon, north of Caterham and Whyteleafe and west of Sanderstead, and 13 miles (21 km) south of Charing Cross.

Is Purley a good place to live?

With great schools, quiet streets and fantastic transport links to nearby London and Croydon, Purley has been described as a suburban utopia by many and is the perfect juxtaposition of busy town and peaceful community all in one.

Is Purley safe?

Safety. Purley is a safe place to live. In 2014/2015, the crime rate and violence against the person rate were both about 5% lower than the rates for London as a whole.

Did Charlie Kray live in Croydon?

Charlie continued to live in his Croydon home and spend some of his time at his second home in Benidorm until he was jailed in 1997. In June 1997, he was found guilty of masterminding a £39 million cocaine plot and jailed for 12 years.

Is sanderstead nice?

Sanderstead offers village living with excellent connections into the hustle and bustle of London. If youre looking for the quiet life without moving all the way out to the countryside, Sanderstead is a great choice, whether youre a single professional or moving with the family.

Is Kenley a safe area?

Safety. The 2014/2015 crime rate and violence against the person rate in Kenley were both much lower than the rates for London as a whole - less than half. For the period from May 2016 to April 2017, the most common crime types were violence and sexual offences, anti-social behaviour, and vehicle crime.

What is Kenley like to live in?

Kenley properties comprise mainly of semi-detached and detached family homes, with a mixture of both character and modern styles, appealing to anyone who wants the convenience of being close to Croydon and London but with the more rural feel that Kenley offers.

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