Question: What does first mean on Kogan?

Kogan First Products are selected products available on the website that have been marked with the Kogan First badge. Kogan may, in its discretion, vary the range of items that are marked as Kogan First Products from time to time without notice to you.

What is first membership?

Participants in FIRST are part of a network of computer security incident response and security teams that work together voluntarily to deal with computer security problems and their prevention.

Why is Kogan charging me a monthly fee?

If youre contacting us regarding a charge of $5.99 or $49 on your account recently, this will be your monthly or yearly Kogan First renewal fee. Kogan First is an opt-in premium membership service that you can add to your cart via the Kogan First sign-up box during checkout.

How long is Kogan shipping?

Get your order delivered within 1-5 business days (usually 1-2 days!) with our quick and cost-effective Standard Delivery option.

What courier does Kogan use?

We partner with a range of couriers to ensure the best prices and most reliable delivery for our customers. Generally, smaller items will be delivered via Australia Post, while larger items will be delivered via Allied Express or Toll IPEC.

Is Kogan trustworthy?

A large number of buyers have been dissatisfied or disappointed. However, they offer legit and genuine products at cheaper prices. In case you experience some issue with the product you purchase from Kogan, you can contact the support team to lodge your complaint.

Is it easy to cancel Kogan first?

Its quite simple to cancel the annual or monthly renewal of your Kogan First Membership.

Is Kogan legit?

A large number of buyers have been dissatisfied or disappointed. However, they offer legit and genuine products at cheaper prices. It is an online retail marketplace that strives to get you the products at more competitive rates than offline stores and other online sellers.

Why does Kogan take so long?

Most of our non-Exclusive Brand products are processed and dispatched directly from our overseas facilities, which allows us to offer the lowest possible prices. The shipping times listed on our website are provided as a general guideline.

Who owns Kogan Australia?

Ruslan Kogan Ruslan Kogan is an Australian entrepreneur, CEO and founder of His entrepreneurial spirit can be traced back to his parents, who came to Australia in 1989 with just $90, working multiple jobs to provide for their family.

Is Kogan still delivering?

Selected products from the are shipped via a Priority Mail service. This service ensures we can get your order as quickly as possible, and at the lowest price....Priority Mail Delivery Times.Posted for DeliveryEstimated delivery time (business days)Capital Cities1-2 DaysCountry Locations3-4 Days

Can you cancel Amazon Prime before trial ends?

Why cant I stop Prime before the due date? Because is a 30-day trial, you can cancel it before the due date and you wont be charged. The app itself wont cancel your trial until the end of that month, and you wont have more to worry about.

Does Amazon charge you for free trial?

While you wont be charged for your free trial, youll be upgraded to a paid membership plan automatically at the end of the trial period. For help turning off your Amazon Prime membership renewal, go to End Your Amazon Prime Membership.

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