Question: What color is Lily Potters eyes?

In the novels, Lily and Harry are both supposed to have green eyes, but in the films Lilys eyes are brown and Harrys are blue.

What color is Lily Potters eyes?

Theyre primarily green, but in certain light, they can look blue or brownish, so really the color differences in Lilys eyes could merely be explained by the lighting.

Did Harry have Lilys eyes?

In the novels it is often mentioned that Lily had bright green eyes and that Harry had the same eyes. In the films it is often remarked that Harry has his mothers eyes, but it is never stated what colour they are. Also in the films, Harry has blue eyes and young Lily has brown eyes.

Do Dracos eyes change color?

Some use it as an excuse as to why he might be evil/bad/or whatever, such as Ron in Book One. As an Empath, his eyes change colors based on what part of his Empathy, magic, and other skills he is using. Retreat: When Draco begins to Retreat, his eyes begin to turn to blue. While fully Retreated, his eyes are dark blue.

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