Question: Are Ford Grand C-Max any good?

The Ford Grand C-MAX is softer than the five-seat C-MAX, but it still puts a smile on your face in the way few MPVs can. Its agile and has great steering – its slightly more compliant ride lending it a more grown-up, but still enjoyable, demeanour. The engine line-up is impressive, too.

Which SUV is most like a minivan?

18 Minivan AlternativesHonda Pilot. Its unbelievably comfortable, the seats reconfigure easily. Toyota Highlander. Volvo XC 90. Volkswagen Atlas: Best Minivan Alternative if you need a lot of space. Dodge Durango: Best Minivan Alternative if Youd Rather be in a Sports Car. Kia Sorento. Mazda CX-9. Jeep Grand Cherokee L. •25 Jul 2021

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