Question: Where can I go to be a hippie?

How do I become a real hippie?

TipsJust be yourself! Have any religion and believe in anything you wish. Try to make peace in any arguments. Dont pollute. Wear colorful clothing. Grow your hair and be natural. Becoming a hippie does not restrict you to the steps above. About the spelling. Be open-minded and liberal.

Can you still travel the hippie trail?

Today, the hippie trail is undergoing a revival with the rise in popularity of low-cost airlines and more accessible travel. But these days no one is dropping out – the hippies in these modern-day trails are often urban professionals. Sadly, it is currently against FCO advice to travel to Afghanistan.

Why did so many hippies go to Kathmandu?

Those who traveled to destinations along the trail, particularly its cultural center, Kathmandu, Nepal, typically wanted to escape the stress of the West and lead a calmer life. Now, few Westerners remain in places like Kathmandu and the hippie movement is rarely discussed.

How long is the hippie trail?

The hippie trail was a 6,000 mile route through Europe and the Middle East into Central and Southern Asia.

Is Kathmandu full of hippies?

Old Freak Streets history and prime position in the heart of Kathmandu still makes it a popular destination among the locals. Once labeled as being a place to find enlightenment, a lot of things have transformed since the deportation of the hippies in the early 1970s.

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