Question: How do you convert cm s to m s?

How do you calculate cm/s to MS?

To convert a centimeter per second measurement to a meter per second measurement, divide the speed by the conversion ratio. The speed in meters per second is equal to the centimeters per second divided by 100.

How do you convert cm s to seconds?

For example, 1 centimeter per second can be written as 1 cm/s or 1 cm/sec. In formal expressions, the slash, or solidus (/), is used to separate units used to indicate division in an expression. The velocity in centimeters per second is equal to the distance in centimeters divided by time in seconds.

How do you convert cm s to km h?

The conversion factor is 0.036; so 1 centimeter per second = 0.036 kilometers per hour. In other words, the value in cm/s divide by 27.777777777778 to get a value in km/h.

How many km are in CM?

Kilometers to centimeters conversion tableKilometers (km)Centimeters (cm)0.01 km1000 cm0.1 km10000 cm1 km100000 cm2 km200000 cm8 more rows

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