Question: How do I email someone on Meetup?

Go to the profile of the member youd like to contact. Click the message icon next to the members name. Compose your message and Send.

How do I email a Meetup member?

From your Meetup group homepage, tap the three dots icon in the upper right-hand corner.Tap Contact members.This will launch your devices preferred email client where you can compose and send your message.

How do I invite someone to my Meetup group?

Simply copy your group URL from your web browser and paste it into any platform such as Whatsapp, Facebook, Meetup, or any other platform. When someone clicks on the URL, they are brought to your group and can click “Join”

How do you attend a Meetup event?

Attending Meetup eventsOnce youve found an event youd like to attend, click the event title to view its page.On the event page, click the Yes button under where it reads Are you going? in the pane on the right side.A pop-up will appear asking if youre bringing guests.

How do I run a successful Meetup group?

Group descriptionWrite your description like youre talking to a friend. It helps to say it out loud first and then type it.Include the reasons why you started your group and your groups mission.Call out why people should join.Give insight into the events youll host.Jun 23, 2021

What happens when someone blocks you on Meetup?

If you ban a member, theyre removed from your group, and can never rejoin. Whether a member is removed or banned, theyll receive the same short message that informs them theyve been removed from the Meetup group. Theyll only be able to rejoin your Meetup group if they take that action on their end.

How do I join an online event on Meetup?

Desktop and mobile web instructionsCreate a new event draft.Designate that your event is “Online” at the beginning of the event title.In the event description, invite members to join your event online by following the link listed in the event location.Click Make this an online event. •Jun 23, 2021

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