Question: How do I find someone in Japanese?

Do you use SAN with first or last name?

San is the most commonly used respectful title placed someones first or last name, regardless of their gender or marital status. Sama is a more formal respectful title — use it after the family names of your clients, customers, or those to whom respect is due.

How do you get someones attention in Japanese?

Anna, if you want to get someones attention in Japanese, just say SUMIMASEN.

What does adding SAN to a name mean?

As a rule of thumb, in Japanese business life, the surname name is always followed by the honorific suffix “san” (meaning “dear” or actually “honorable Mr/Ms.”).

How can I find someone in USA?

Search for the person on the internet. People finder websites such such as,,, and can reveal addresses and phone numbers. Search social networking sites such as, and to see if you can contact him via his own page.

Is Kudasai polite?

While kudasai is a more familiar term, onegaishimasu is more polite or honorific. Thus, this Japanese word is used when you are requesting a favor. You would also use it if you are directing the request to a superior or to someone you do not know well.

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