Question: How does the test work in Divergent?

In Divergent, sixteen-year-olds take an aptitude test on a given day every year that sorts them into one of five factions. Based on this test, teens are allowed to either stay with their families within the faction where they grew up, or leave them forever to join the faction that suits them best.

Can manipulate the simulation tests showing that they are Divergent?

In the last stage of Dauntless initiation, the initiates are put in a Fear Simulation. Before going in, they are given a serum that brings every fear that person has to their conscious. Although people who are Divergent can still manipulate the simulation.

How does the serum work in Divergent?

Serums are the liquids used to induce illusions known as simulations. They are clearish liquids that occasionally have a slight tint to them. The Divergent are not always fully affected by the serums, they can manipulate or even resist serums. And they remain aware that they are in a simulation.

What were Beatrices test results?

What are the results of Beatrices aptitude test? They are inconclusive because she tested into three different Factions. These Factions were Dauntless, Erudite, and Abnegation. The factionless are people who failed to complete the initiation of the Faction they chose.

Why did Peter hate Tris so much?

He hates Tris, for being strong and a stiff, winning over him, being BETTER than him. The only reason why Peter told Tris the time, was because he had a little humanity left in him, and for saving her life, was because he felt he owed her, for her saving his life. I dont see a reason, how he could love her.

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