Question: Did Jaws girlfriend in Moonraker have braces?

Dolly in Moonraker never wore braces. Half of James Bond fans will wonder why this article even exists. MI6 conducted a Twitter poll yesterday to ask Bond fans what was the one physical characteristic that made Jaws fall in love with Dolly at first sight. Almost half - 47% - said it was her braces.

What happened to Jaws teeth?

When Horror speaks, he reveals steel-capped teeth. The initial script of The Spy Who Loved Me concluded with Jaws being killed by the shark, but after a rough test screening, Jaws was so well-liked that the scene was changed to have him survive. The characters teeth play a prominent role in the films.

Did Jaws really have metal teeth?

After 14 operations Krycsiwikis jaw was restored using steel components that created two rows of terrifying razor-sharp teeth. The result of the artificial jaw left Jaws a mute.

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