Question: Is Chinhoyi a city or town?

Chinhoyi town is the capital city of Mashonaland west province and is situated 115km north-west of Harare. It is a home for several government ministries and departments at provincial level; this means the whole of Mashonaland West is administered by Chinhoyi.

How big is Chinhoyi town?

Chinhoyi town is located approximately 114 km North West of the capital city, Harare, (Fig. 1). According to the 2012 National Census given in [14], Chinhoyi town has an estimated population of 79 368 people.

Which Province is Chinhoyi in in Zimbabwe?

Chinhoyi is the provincial capital of Mashonaland West Province, one of the ten administrative provinces in Zimbabwe. It is also the district headquarters of Makonde District, one of the six districts in the province.

What is the colonial name for chivhu?

Enkeldoorn Name. Chivhus original name, Enkeldoorn, is an Dutch name meaning lone thorn. It refers to the tree acacia robusta and implies that a single specimen once grew there. The name was adopted in 1891 but was changed to Chivhu in 1982, on the second anniversary of Zimbabwes independence.

What language is spoken in Mutare Zimbabwe?

Shona The population is predominantly Shona, the majority of them speaking the Manyika dialect. Manyika people are locally known as Samanyika. According to the 2012 census data, Mutare has a population of 260,567.

What does Bulawayo mean in English?

The original site was the kraal (headquarters) of Lobengula, king of the Ndebele, who fought a major battle against his rivals there; Bulawayo means “place of slaughter.” Occupied by the British in 1893, the settlement was moved in 1894 to its present location 3 miles (5 km) south and declared a town; it became a ...

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