Question: What happens when someone else sees your doppelganger?

A doppelganger isnt someone who just resembles you, but is an exact double, right down to the way you walk, act, talk, and dress. A friend or even a close relative who encounters your doppelganger will swear it was you, even though you can prove you were not in the location the double was sighted.

Why do doppelgangers appear?

Mystics historically viewed doppelgängers as a type of demon, able to shapeshift; an evil twin, in other words. He believes the doppelgänger phenomenon is caused by people suddenly gaining the ability to tap into another time phase to view alternate versions of themselves or other people.

What are the odds of seeing your doppelganger?

Even with 7.4 billion people on the planet, thats only a one in 135 chance that theres a single pair of doppelgangers. “Before you could always be questioned in a court of law, saying well what if someone else just looks like him? Now we can say its extremely unlikely,” says Teghan.

Are all doppelgängers evil?

Traditionally, they have been viewed as sinister or even evil entities. Seeing a doppelganger has also been considered an omen of misfortune or bad luck. Most often today, however -- as reports of doppelgangers show -- they seem to be neither sinister nor evil, nor do they herald streaks of bad luck.

What are the odds of someone being exactly like you?

They found that theres about a one in 135 chance that a pair of complete doppelgängers exist somewhere in the world. But the likelihood of someone walking around looking identical to you, specifically, in all eight facial features is only one in 1 trillion.

Do people who look alike have the same DNA?

That being said, “People who look identical almost certainly share more DNA than two random strangers who dont look alike,” says geneticist Arthur Beaudet, M.D., a professor in the molecular and human genetics department at the Baylor College of Medicine.

How rare is it to have a doppelgänger?

How likely is it that you actually have a doppelgänger? According to one study, the likelihood of two people sharing the exact facial features is less than 1 in 1 trillion. Put another way, there is only a one in 135 chance that a single pair of doppelgängers exists on our planet of more than 7 billion people.

Do doppelgängers have the same fingerprints?

Some say that spotting your doppelganger or look-alike is a harbinger of bad luck. Others say a doppelganger is your evil twin. But its not all bad. But forensics experts say identical twins do not share identical fingerprints.

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