Question: Which Messenger app is Indian?

One of the most famous examples of such Indian messaging apps is – Troop Messenger and ShareChat, not only these are made in India but are also highly secure. ShareChat has become one of the most popular chat apps. On the other hand, Troop Messenger is one of the best communication messengers used for office work.

Is Bharat Messenger app Indian?

The Bharat Messenger app is an Indian-based mobile application developed by Mrityunjay Singh Communications. WhatsApp Pay is expected to be available in June 2020 in India.

Is Bharat Messenger app safe?

Theres no clarity on the safety & security of data collected by the app. Furthermore, Bharat Messenger is full of ads, unlike Signal, which is a non-profit app.

Is Bharat QR safe?

Payment with Bharat QR code is more secure because customer is not sharing any details with the merchant. There is a certain amount of risk with PoS terminals as card details can be copied using skimming technology. This risk is eliminated in case of Bharat QR as all you need to do is scan and pay.

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