Question: Who is Chingy Baby Momma?

What happened to Chingy?

In 2013, Chingy announced his departure from mainstream rap as he found religion and became a practicing Black Hebrew Israelite. Then, after reportedly leaving the religion more recently, he signed to Universal Music Group and hit the Millennium Tour with B2K and other 00s acts from back in the day.

Who discovered Chingy?

Full Dekk Music GroupFounded2004 (as Slot-A-Lot Records)FounderHoward Bailey, Jr. (Co-founder & CEO) and Stan Wright (Co-founder & President)StatusActiveDistributor(s)Caroline Distribution5 more rows

How is Chamillionaire still rich?

The estimated income of Chamillionaire is $1,746,706 US Dollar and his earnings from Sponsorship or Endorsement is around $392,157. His singing career, live performance, and tour, made an enormous rise in his wealth. 150,000 copies of his album, “Get Ya Mind Correct” were sold, through which he had earned $150,000.

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