Question: Is KIKO Milano a clean brand?


Pure Clean - KIKO MILANO. If beauty begins with the skin, perfection is reached with a regular and meticulous cleansing routine. For this reason, KIKO has developed Pure Clean, the new line of advanced cleansers with Eastern-inspired ingredients.

Is KIKO eco friendly?

Kiko recently launched a new limited edition collection called Green Me, which basically consists of a range of makeup, accessories and skincare products that are inspired by nature and are eco-friendly. They have used eco-friendly paper to package the products, as well as recyclable plant-based plastic and wood.

Is KIKO MILANO a luxury brand?

Established and founded in 1997 by Percassi, KIKO MILANO is an Italian cosmetics brand that revolutionizes the rules of cosmetics with affordable luxury.

Is Kiko Milano safe?

KIKO MILANO has always been firmly committed to ensuring the highest levels of quality, safety and effectiveness for every single product and all the ingredients used. Subsequently, all KIKO MILANO products have been developed in compliance with EEC and USA-FDA (Food & Drug Administration) standards.

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