Question: How do I stop Kaspersky from deleting files?

How do I stop Kaspersky from deleting?

Right-click on the Kaspersky icon and choose “Settings”. In the following window, click the “Advanced settings” tab. In the next window, in the “Threats and Exclusions” menu, click “Settings” under “Exclusions”. In the next window, press the “Add” button.

How do I whitelist files in Kaspersky?

Open the settings Kaspersky Internet Security and choose Additional –> Threats and Exclusions.Select Manage exclusions or Specify trusted applications.Select the file or application to exclude from the scan scope in Kaspersky Internet Security. In the Web Anti-Virus settings window, select Advanced Settings. •May 2, 2017

Does Kaspersky delete viruses automatically?

Protect your computer from malware with Kaspersky Anti-Virus. Our advanced software automatically scans your computer to find threats, and if your system has been infected by malware, our technology will remove it from your device and inform you.

Does Kaspersky save history?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security lets you log data on user visits to all websites, including allowed websites. This enables you to obtain the complete history of browser views. You can also configure the transmission of Web Control events by email and the display of on-screen notifications on the users computer.

How do I add NiceHash to Kaspersky?

Follow these steps to add the NiceHash Miner folder to the Kaspersky exclusion list:Open Kaspersky.Click on the Setting gear (bottom left).Navigate to Threats and Exclusions > Manage exclusions.Click Add.Click in the File or folder text box window.Select path to NiceHash Miner folder.Select All components. •Feb 1, 2020

Is Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool good?

Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool is a nice to have program for on-demand scans. While it lacks options and settings, it can be configured to be fully portable and detects all kinds of threats including viruses, trojans, worms , spyware and rootkits.

Can Kaspersky see Internet history?

Kaspersky Endpoint Security lets you log data on user visits to all websites, including allowed websites. This enables you to obtain the complete history of browser views.

How do I delete private browsing history in Kaspersky?

Clearing reportsOpen the application settings window.In the left part of the window, in the General Settings section, select Reports and Storage.In the right part of the window, in the Reports section, click the Delete reports button. Select check boxes opposite the reports from which you want to delete information:

How do I view quarantined files in Kaspersky Internet Security?

Restoring files from QuarantineOpen the main application window.In the upper part of the main application window, click the Quarantine link to open the Storages window. If you want to restore all quarantined files, select Restore all from the context menu of any file. To restore one or more quarantined files:

What are quarantine files?

Files tagged for quarantine are encrypted and moved to a protected folder, preventing further execution and potential harm to the users system. Each product has a Quarantine Manager where users can permanently delete or restore files from quarantine.

How do I add exclusion in Kaspersky 2019?

SolutionOpen the Kapersky Internet Security software. Go to Additional > Threats and Exclusions.Under Exclusions, click Specify trusted applications.Click the Add button. Select Aspera Connect then click Next.Select all the exclusions for Connect. If Connect still does not work, try rebooting your system.18 Feb 2020

How do I see exclusions in Kaspersky?

Viewing the list of exclusionsOpen the main application window.Click the. Select the Protection section.In the right part of the window, select the Application Manager component. Click the Exclusions link to open the Exclusions window. To remove an object from the list of exclusions, click the Remove from list button.

How do I bypass Kaspersky Internet Security?

You can temporarily disable the firewall in Kaspersky Internet Security.Open the Kaspersky Internet Security program.Click the Settings button.Click the Firewall Component option under Protection Center.Select the Enable Firewall option to remove the check mark.

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