Question: Is afro good for hair growth?

Do Afros make your hair grow?

Afro hair, like other hair types, grows at a rate of about half an inch every month. However, if more hair breaks off than grows, then it seems like growth just aint happening. Trimming your hair wont cause your hair to grow but getting rid of split ends is a good way to start your healthy hair journey.

How can I make my afro hair grow?

Here are 10 simple tips to help you grow long afro hair this year!Start off with a trim. If you have split ends, you will not see hair growth this year! Deep condition weekly. Protective style. Check your shampoo. Start to cowash. Treat your scalp to daily massages. Layer up the moisture. Limit heat!

Does 4C hair grow slow?

Common myths and questions about 4C hair Its a common misconception that 4C hair doesnt grow, or cant get long. This is a myth! Because 4C hair experiences so much shrinkage, it can feel like your hair is growing very slowly or not at all. Another reason 4C hair can appear to grow slowly is because it is so fragile.

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