Question: Is Flying Blue priority?

As a Flying Blue Silver member, youll get to enjoy more benefits. Priority access at the airport, your choice of seat…Enjoy extra comfort and services during your travels. Gain at least 100 XP (Experience Points) within 12 months to maintain your Silver level. And with 180 XP, you can reach Gold!

Is Flying Blue Silver Sky priority?

The Flying Blue Silver benefits Get more benefits including priority access at the airport, your choice of a seat, and more. Gain at least 100 XP (Experience Points) during the year to maintain your Silver level.

Do you have to pay for Flying Blue?

Flying Blue is all about Miles: the more Miles you have, the more benefits for you. With Flying Blue anyone can benefit, and its absolutely free!  Join Flying Blue, its free! >

How long do Flying Blue points last?

When do Flying Blue miles expire? All Flying Blue Miles are valid for life as long as one of the following is true: You take an eligible flight on Air France, KLM, Joon, HOP!, Aircalin, Kenya Airways, TAROM, or other SkyTeam partners at least once every 2 years. Youre an Elite or Elite Plus member.

What does Flying Blue Explorer mean?

When you join the Flying Blue programme, you become an Explorer. Now, youll be able to earn and spend your Miles and enjoy the first benefits that you get with Flying Blue. Gain 100 XP (Experience Points) within 12 months and you can move up to Silver.

How do I upgrade to Flying Blue Silver?

Gain 100 XP to advance to Silver. When you reach your new status, your XP counter starts back at zero. Youll get to enjoy the benefits of this new status for 15 months.When you become a Silver member, youll have another 12 months to maintain your status or to move up to Gold.

Is Delta a Flying Blue partner?

Which airlines are in the Flying Blue loyalty program? KLM and Air France are members of SkyTeam along with airlines such as Delta and Alitalia. Fliyng Blue has additional airline partners such as Air Mauritius, Alaska Airlines, and Japan Airlines.

Is Delta still part of Flying Blue?

The Bottom Line on Using Flying Blue Miles For Delta While Flying Blue recently made changes to their program, it remains an alternative to Deltas SkyMiles. Since Delta and Flying Blue both have variable award pricing, its worth comparing both programs prices before making a reservation for a Delta flight.

Which airlines are in Flying Blue?

Flying Blue is the loyalty program for Air France, KLM, and 5 smaller regional airlines which include Aircalin, HOP!, Kenya Airways, TAROM, and Transavia.

How much platinum do you need for life?

Platinum for Life Platinum membership is yours for life after you have had ten consecutive years of Platinum membership.

What is Flying Blue Platinum?

The Flying Blue Platinum benefits As a Flying Blue Platinum member, youll experience travel at its finest. Priority access at the airport, lounge access with a guest, a telephone line for the exclusive use of Platinum members… Gain at least 300 XP (Experience Points) during the year to maintain your Platinum level.

Can Flying Blue Miles be transferred to Delta?

You cant transfer Flying Blue miles to Delta SkyMiles, however you can use Flying Blue miles for awards on Delta flights. Sometimes the miles price is much lower, too! Note that award availability differs, so a flight Delta makes available to SkyMiles members may not be available to Flying Blue members.

Do Air France miles count for Delta?

Delta Air Lines is a partner of the Air France-KLM Flying Blue program. You can therefore earn Miles with Delta Air Lines and Air France and use them to book a flight, an extra Option or a gift for a loved one.

How do I stop my Flying Blue Points from expiring?

Flying Blue miles earned from actual flying can only be extended beyond 24 months by taking an eligible flight (and crediting it to Flying Blue), or by being an elite member, or making a purchase with your Air France / KLM Flying Blue credit card.

What is Platinum Ultimate?

Platinum Ultimate Package: Adaptive Cruise, Lane departure warning, Twin panel moonroof, Ultimate Tow Camera System w/the CHMSL camera.

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