Question: How did Buffy find out Dawn is the key?

Anya notices some cigarette butts in an urn, and Buffy realizes that Spike was there when Dawn found out she was the Key. Buffy then storms into his crypt ready to beat him up. She is furious with him in letting Dawn find out she was the Key through a way she didnt want her to find out.

How does Dawn find out shes the key?

Blood Ties On Buffys 20th birthday, Dawn learns her true identity, and runs away. She meets up with Ben in the hospital, and he realises she is The Key.

How does Buffy find out about Dawn?

Four episodes later, Buffy discovers Dawn is, in fact, a mystical object known as The Key; a group of monks transformed The Key into human form and sent it to the Slayer for protection from the villainous Glory (Clare Kramer).

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