Question: What is the price of Quick Heal Total Security Antivirus?

What is the price of Quick Heal Antivirus for 3 years?

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro - 1 PC, 3 Year (CD/DVD)M.R.P.:₹1,949.00Deal of the Day:₹959.00Ends in 07h 20m 53s Deal has endedYou Save:₹990.00 (51%)Inclusive of all taxes

What is the cost of Quick Heal Antivirus renewal?

Quick Heal Antivirus Pro- Renewal Pack - 1 User, 1 Year (CD)M.R.P.:₹799.00Price:₹369.55You Save:₹429.45 (54%)Inclusive of all taxes

How can I renew my Quick Heal Total Security for free?

Steps to Renew Your Quick Heal Copy with Renewal CodeOpen Quick Heal Dashboard.Navigate to Help -> About from Dashboard.Click “Renew Now” button.Select “I have renewal code or new product key with me.” option and click “Next”Enter Renewal Code and click “Next”Confirm or Update the contact details and click “Next”

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