Question: Does Al Pacino have a male partner?

He has never been married. Pacino had a relationship with his The Godfather Trilogy co-star Diane Keaton. Their on-again, off-again relationship ended after the filming of The Godfather Part III. Keaton said of Pacino, Al was simply the most entertaining man...

Who is Al Pacinos partner now?

According to a report, Al Pacino and Felicity Dean have known each other for years and are now a couple.

Why Al Pacino never got married?

When asked about the reason for vowing never to get married, Al had quite a rational reasoning. Actress Diane Keaton, who first met Pacino on the sets of The Godfather. Keaton had revealed in a 2017 People interview that she had a crush on Al when they started shooting, I was mad for him.

Is Beverly DAngelo still with Al Pacino?

“I thought that I loved all of these people,” DAngelo says of her relationships with men. “I did not know what love was until I had kids.” That came in 2001, when, with her then-partner Al Pacino, she had twins Anton and Olivia, soon to turn 20. She is no longer with Pacino.

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