Question: Is Burton the same as Burton-on-Trent?

Burton upon Trent, also known as Burton-on-Trent or simply Burton, is a market town in Staffordshire, England, close to the border with Derbyshire. In 2011, it had a population of 72,299. The demonym for residents of the town is Burtonian. Burton grew into a busy market town by the early modern period.

What is Burton Dryride?

Burton Dryride Ultrawick is a moisture wicking fabric which makes use of microscopic fibers that pull moisture away from the skin and to the outer layer of the material, allowing it to evaporate easily.

What is Burton AK collection?

The [ak] collection consists of mens and womens outerwear, gloves, 1st layer garments and backpacks. It is the most premium collection that Burton does in conjunction with Gore-Tex®. Gore-Tex® fabric is waterproof, durable and breathable.

Where is Burton water from?

Re: Burton water For instance, the groundwater in Burton is the result of upwelling from the Mercia Mudstone (a gypsum-bearing formation) into the surficial sand and gravel aquifer where it mixes with groundwater from rainfall infiltration and Trent River inflow.

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