Question: Where can I find cougars in NYC?

What city has a lot of cougars?

More than half the top cougar towns are in Texas, including San Antonio and Houston at the top. Dallas is at No. 7 and Fort Worth is No. 8.

Where can I meet guys in Manhattan?

These are the best bars for singles in NYC.Salsa Con Fuego. Fordham Manor, the Bronx. Judy and Punch. Astoria. Therapy. Hells Kitchen.Le Bain at The Standard. Meatpacking.The Jane Ballroom. West Village. Village Tavern. West Village. Mr. Purple. Pianos. Lower East Side. •Mar 19, 2019

What state has most female cougars?

Los Angeles, California Los Angeles has the highest number of older women contacting younger men online, according to Cougars run this town, making their dens in exclusive clubs like Express and Zinc.

What state has a lot of cougars?

Colorado and California have the highest estimated populations of mountain lions in the United States.

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