Question: What is the best suburb in Atlanta GA?

What is the safest suburb of Atlanta Georgia?

Alpharetta. Town in Georgia. Rating 4.24 out of 5 328 reviews. Johns Creek. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Milton. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Suwanee. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Tyrone. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Peachtree City. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Avondale Estates. Suburb of Atlanta, GA. Woodstock. Suburb of Atlanta, GA.

What part of Atlanta is the nicest?

Buckhead. If youre looking for an upscale neighborhood in Atlanta, Buckhead is for you. Located north of Midtown and south of Brookhaven, this prestigious area is known as the Beverly Hills of the South.

What is the bad side of Atlanta?

High Crime Areas of Atlanta Mechanicsville (population: 3,231) – 213% more crime than Atlanta. Grove Park (population: 1,503) – 1,929 property cromes per 100,000 people. Adair Park (population: 5,299) – 138% more crime than Atlanta. Vine City (population: 3,319) – 1,682 crimes per 100,000 people.

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