Question: Who was the longest running detective on Law and Order?

Who appeared in the most episodes of Law and Order?

Can you name the Actors with the Most Appearances on Law And Order?Character# Of EpisodesExecutive ADA/DA Jack McCoy362Det. Lennie Brisco274DA Adam Schiff229Det. Ed Green19823 more rows

Who were the first two detectives on law and order?

Detectives: Martin, Milena Govich, Merkerson. Prosecutors: Waterston, Alana de la Garza, Thompson. Govich was the first — and only, as it turned out — female detective featured on the show. Govich never developed much chemistry with Martin and was gone after one season.

Which law and order came first?

The first Law & Order series in the franchise is the original Law & Order. The show first premiered in 1990 and lasted until 2010, clocking in at 456 episodes according to IMDb.

Law & Order ran for 20 seasons, but its most popular spin-off, Law & Order: SVU, topped that in 2019 when it aired its 21st season.

What happened to Ben Stone in law and order?

The opening scene of the Law & Order: Special Victims Unit episode The Undiscovered Country (aired in 2018) reveals that Stone has died. His successor, Jack McCoy, gives the eulogy at the funeral.

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