Question: Is there a list of Mensa members?

How can you find out if someone is a member of Mensa?

Find out more about joining American Mensa online at or call (800) 66-MENSA. Pull the Mensa Card! People may hear reports that high profile people such as Sharon Stone, Geena Davis or Bill Clinton are members.

Is there a Mensa list?

This list of Mensans contains notable members of Mensa International, the high IQ society, both current and past.

How many Mensa members are there in the world?

145,000 Mensans Today, there are around 145,000 Mensans in roughly 100 countries throughout the world. You can see the approximate membership numbers of all the national Mensa groups here.

How hard is the Mensa test?

Getting into Mensa is NOT EASY. You have to score at or above the 98th percentile – the top 2% – on a standardized, professionally administered IQ test. This is typically a score of 130 or more.

How do I study for Mensa IQ?

Here are three ways you can practice and prepare yourself.Practice with Intelligence Tests. Worldwide IQ Test provides a selection of intelligence tests that have been designed by an experienced medical professional. Improve Your memory with the help of Superfoods. Perform scientifically researched Brain Exercises.

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