Question: What is 125cm in waist size?

What size is 125cm?

SIZING FOR STRETCH GARMENTSSize:XSSBust105-110cm115-125cmWaist (elastic)85-95cm100-105cmHip110-120cm120-130cm4 more rows

What size is 125cm in clothes?

Size GuideChestUK Size112-119cm44 - 46¾XL120-125cm47 - 492XL126-132cm49½ - 51½3XL132-137cm52 - 544XL4 more rows

What is 120cm in belt size?

European Belt SizesBelt sizeLength without a buckleWaist circumference105121 cm100-105 cm110128 cm105-110 cm115133 cm110-115 cm120138 cm115-120 cm5 more rows•Feb 1, 2019

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