The Build is Never Broken

  • Clint Byrum, GoDaddy

Not so long ago, GoDaddy's OpenStack deployment team was struggling to safely push changes out into production. They had CI via Jenkins, but ultimately, it was too hard to get a realistic test suite up, and often Jenkins was broken, as was "master", leading to slow, methodical changes.

Fast forward to today: Deployments are frequent, and safe, as automation is tested and configurations and changes are visible to all with the help of Zuul and CI/CD principles.

  • Date:Tuesday, October 2
  • Time:1:00 PM - 1:45 PM
  • Room:Community & Culture: JW Grand 8
  • Location:Level 4
  • In this session, the attendee will learn…..:How Zuul helps you avoid saying "Who broke the build?" How Zuul can run and test your Ansible at scale. How Zuul and GitHub work together. Why you might want to "gate" changes and never land broken ones. How GoDaddy's OpenStack team incorporated Zuul into their dev process to accelerate deployment and development and increase test coverage.
Clint Byrum