Running with the Unicorns: Automating Environment Build and Deployment Processes

  • Turlach MacDonagh, Harvard Business School - HBX

HBX, the digital education initiative of Harvard Business School, is run entirely in AWS.

Building environments and provisioning systems required many manual steps. Deployments were checklists and manually performed. The stack felt monolithic.

In this session we will discuss our efforts to migrate system provisioning to Ansible and embrace “Infrastructure as Code”.

A live demonstration of how HBX uses Ansible to perform a scripted deployment will be performed.

  • Date:Tuesday, October 2
  • Time:11:00 AM - 11:45 AM
  • In this session, the attendee will learn…..:Attendees will gain insight into the methodologies that HBX Development and DevOps teams have used to work more collaboratively, enhance automation, and align our code and infrastructure to work better together in a cloud environment.
Turlach MacDonagh
Harvard Business School - HBX